Hey everyone!

So todays post is about my giveaway that I will be hosting Tuesday August 1st. I will be hosting giveaways on the 1st of every month, so stay tuned! Most of my giveaways will be for photography items and gadgets, but i may change it up every once in a while.. just to keep you all interested ;). My very first giveaway is something pretty awesome for you iphone or android photographers.


The Acuvar 12″ Flexible Tripod


This tripod is seriously amazing! Andrew Tuley and I took it out for a test trial today and it worked really well! It comes with a remote that is set up via bluetooth. We were up in the mountains and it connected right away. The coolest part about this tripod, in my opinion, is the flexible and sticky stand legs.


If you don’t have a rock to stand the tripod on, you can totally wrap the sticky legs around a tree, or a post, and you’re all set!

Photo taken from the tripod today:


NOW you ask.. how do I sign up for the giveaway? Well like every other blog around, you’ll need to please subscribe to my blog! No, you don’t have to have a WordPress account. You just need to type in your email and then confirm your subscription from your inbox. Then you’ll need to comment on this post your favorite color (for a reason I promise lol). I know, it’s that simple!

I hope you’re as stoked for this giveaway as I am! Please share and comment below, thanks!



5 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!

  1. Em! I didn’t even know I could subscribe and get notifications about your blogs. I seriously love your posts, updates, tips and just anything you post on here. It makes me want to get my own blog but I have no idea where I’d start. Keep on being stellar and having fun! I’d love to see VLOGS from you soon. They’d be awesome, I have full fledged faith that they would. So happy I subscribed 🌞💛 STAY GOLDEN.

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    1. Aww Cierra you are so sweet! You have no idea how much this means to me! You should totally get your blog going, it’s much easier than it seems. Thank you so much for subscribing! ❤


  2. HEYYY. My favorite color is yellow like the sun, or lemons. The photo taken from the tripod with you Tuley and Andrew is adorable, I love you and your blog. AND I cannot wait to hear about your weekend.


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