Cozy Monsoon Season- Cuddle weather tips for single peeps.

The laundry isn’t done, the dishes are piled up, the trash is filled to the brim and the bed hasn’t been made, but I’m cuddled on the couch with a warm cup of joe, with not one ounce of worry on my mind. Cozy monsoon (aka cuddle weather) season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’re in a relationship, then you know this is one of the best seasons yet! Bundling up in blankets while listening to the rain is the absolute best! But being single during this season can be really depressing.. trust me i know from experience. But i have a few tips for you single peeps out there that might help you stay a bit positive.

1- Throw on your pajamas and get comfy! Throw your hair up in a bun or braids, find your coziest socks and relax. Let go of the stresses from today and tomorrow, and enjoy yourself for the night.

2- Bundle up! Wrapping yourself in blankets makes you warm and cozy.. and kinda feels like cuddling.

3- Turn your phone on airplane mode and drown out the sounds of everyone else… Focus on the sound of the rain and relaxing to keep your mind from racing.

4- Prepare your favorite drink. Whether it be hot chocolate, coffee, wine, tea, whisky  whatever.. pick your poison and enjoy yourself.

5- 3 words. Bridget Jones Diary. Or any sappy love movie, really. I’m a hopeless romantic and these movies made me feel 100x better about being single. But all jokes aside, Bridget Jones Diary is seriously the best!

Monsoon season isn’t only for the taken, it’s for everyone to enjoy ❤ Bundle up and relax, watch a good movie, and enjoy the sounds of the crazy monsoon season.


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