My favorite breakfast bowl

Mmm. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and there is a reason why i have this breakfast bowl every morning. Not only is it so delicious, but it’s healthy! This bowl gets my metabolism going and helps me stay thin.


Kashi go lean cereal- Includes honey, almonds, and flax seeds. You can find this at your local grocery store in the natural foods section.

Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries- Antioxidants galore! These berries are amazing for your heart and immune system. They’re also great for boosting energy and clearing your skin.

Banana- A healthy carb that keeps you feeling full throughout the morning.

Unsweetened Almond milk- Only 30 calories and is amazing if you’re trying to lose weight or stay thin.

I have this breakfast bowl seriously every morning. If you’re looking for an easy daily breakfast, try this bowl!

Why I started drinking black coffee.

Alright, I can’t be the only one that feels awful after drinking a Starbucks Frappe, or even a White Chocolate Mocha. Not only does it make me feel shitty, but i feel guilty after drinking it because i can feel all of the sugar and cream instantly affecting my body.

So I stopped buying frappe’s and started adding just vanilla creamer to my coffee, and with what started out as a dunk of cream, eventually turned into a teaspoon. The day we ran out of creamer, I was feeling daring. Was i really about to drink black coffee? Was I losing my mind?

So, like Mary Poppins once taught me, I scooped a (half) spoon full of sugar to make the coffee go down and… it wasn’t so bad! I was surprised! I felt like I finally reached adulthood. I honestly felt so much better too and i wondered what exactly changed. I mean aside from drinking way less sugar and cream, i felt even better than i did when i didn’t drink coffee. So, i googled it.

There is a reason I felt so much better, and that’s because black coffee is actually really good for you! Here’s some healthy facts about coffee:

1- Coffee makes you happier!

Coffee is scientifically proven to make you happier as the caffeine increases dopamine in the brain.

2- Boosts your metabolism

Your metabolism boosts with each cup of coffee, which is great for losing weight and digesting food! Another fun fact is you can actually use coffee as pre workout.

3- Appreciate the authentic taste

By not dousing your coffee with sugar and cream, you’re giving yourself a chance to taste the authentic taste of each brew. It may take a while to get used to, but after you try it a few times, you’ll be hooked.

4- keeps you calm

As coffee makes you happier, you stress less, therefore making you calmer. This is why waking up with a cup of coffee is so important.

5- Skip the sugar highs and crashes

The highs are high, but the lows are low. Black coffee decreases the inconsistencies of your day, making each day easier and more enjoyable.

So if you’re waiting in line at a Starbs right now and debating whether or not to get the frappe, or a black coffee. I would advise you to be daring! Try a regular cup of coffee, and I promise you won’t regret it.

What to expect when adopting a furbaby.

First off… look at that face! I honestly didn’t know i could love a furry creature so much (aside from Andrew), but this pup has changed my life. While this pup has brought so much joy into our family, it was a little rough at first & let me tell you why.

1- Pups have a SHORT attention span.

Do yourself a favor on your way home from picking up your furbaby.. stop at PetSmart and PICK UP SOME TOYS. All kinds of toys. I know Tuley really loves his squeaky toys, & his stuffed toys. Until your pup gets older, don’t waste your time on the thick tug of war toys. Give them a sock for tug of war games (for now) & let them sink their teeth into a little squeaky stuffed animal. Also, teething toys are a MUST. This will occupy their time for a while and will help them fall asleep. They will start crying for no reason at some points and that’s because they want your attention! Before adopting, make sure you will have enough time & energy for your pup.

2- You will be exhausted for the first week.

Your pup will nap throughout the day, which means they will be up at some points throughout the night. We kennel trained Tuley and the first few nights were rough. Like a baby, he would wake up at random hours of the night and start whining. Your pup needs to learn your sleep schedule and for this reason, i advise you to let them whine. I know it’s really sad and i gave in for the first couple nights, but if you wake up with them every time they cry, they will learn that’s all they need to do to get out of their kennel and will continue to whine. After the first week, Tuley stopped whining at night either chews on his teething toys, or passes out with us each night.

3- It can affect your relationship.

i honestly did not think this was going to be an issue when adopting a pup, but boy was it a wake-up call. Andrew and i live together and you just get used to putting all of your attention into that one person. I was a little embarrassed when i noticed that i was getting so jealous of Tuley! Andrew was always cuddling the pup and playing with him and i was so upset! I didn’t get the same attention i used to, and the first few weeks and it was driving me crazy. I think i was more upset about the fact that i felt this way. Why was i jealous of a dog?? I talked to a friend about it, she said the same thing happened with her and her boyfriend, and eventually you just get over it. It’s a new and exciting thing, having a puppy, and eventually everything balances out.

4- Pee.

Your pup will pee on everything. Tuley is 3 months and still does. You have to discipline them when they intentionally pee in the house, but when they get excited, they will pee a little, and you can’t really punish them for that.

5- Pick up the house.

In your pups mind, everything is a toy…especially shoes! Keep the house picked up & keep the toys out for them to play.

6- Keep your phone charged.

Because you will be snapping pics of your pup all day long. My snapchat story has at least two pics of my pup every day and i can’t help it! He is just the cutest baby! Don’t let people tell you that you post too many snaps of your pup… there are never too many pictures.

7- You have a new best friend.

No matter what mood you’re in, your pup is always happy to see you. I honestly think about coming home all day just so i can hang out with him…and Andrew of course. 😉 But honestly, having a pup is a lot of work, but it is totally worth it. If you’re in need of a new best friend, adventurer, cuddle buddy, goof ball… get a furbaby.