Cozy Monsoon Season- Cuddle weather tips for single peeps.

The laundry isn’t done, the dishes are piled up, the trash is filled to the brim and the bed hasn’t been made, but I’m cuddled on the couch with a warm cup of joe, with not one ounce of worry on my mind. Cozy monsoon (aka cuddle weather) season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’re in a relationship, then you know this is one of the best seasons yet! Bundling up in blankets while listening to the rain is the absolute best! But being single during this season can be really depressing.. trust me i know from experience. But i have a few tips for you single peeps out there that might help you stay a bit positive.

1- Throw on your pajamas and get comfy! Throw your hair up in a bun or braids, find your coziest socks and relax. Let go of the stresses from today and tomorrow, and enjoy yourself for the night.

2- Bundle up! Wrapping yourself in blankets makes you warm and cozy.. and kinda feels like cuddling.

3- Turn your phone on airplane mode and drown out the sounds of everyone else… Focus on the sound of the rain and relaxing to keep your mind from racing.

4- Prepare your favorite drink. Whether it be hot chocolate, coffee, wine, tea, whisky  whatever.. pick your poison and enjoy yourself.

5- 3 words. Bridget Jones Diary. Or any sappy love movie, really. I’m a hopeless romantic and these movies made me feel 100x better about being single. But all jokes aside, Bridget Jones Diary is seriously the best!

Monsoon season isn’t only for the taken, it’s for everyone to enjoy ❤ Bundle up and relax, watch a good movie, and enjoy the sounds of the crazy monsoon season.


How to start each day with a smile

Nowadays, there are so many things to distract us from enjoying each day. We have this idea that we have to vacation somewhere  or do something out of the ordinary and plan every detail to make a “special” day perfect. Most of the time that makes everything pretty stressful. Whether we’re vacationing in the Bahamas or living our everyday routine, there are a few different steps we can take to make each day enjoyable.

The first thing you should do is wake up with a smile. You can even set a reminder on your phone to take a few deep breaths and smile. It’s a proven fact that smiling releases endorphins in your body that instantly lifts your mood and relieves stress.

The next thing you should do is play your favorite music, preferably uplifting. The great thing about this step is that you can get a lot of things done while listening to your music. So pick a great album and smile.

The next step, and probably most important step in this process, is make a great cup of coffee. Coffee is that warm best friend that motivates you to be a more productive person. If consumed the right amounts, coffee can help you accomplish any goals you set yourself for that day. So drink your coffee, pick a great album, and smile.

Lastly, take a look at your surroundings, and absorb every detail. Learning to appreciate the little things in life will not only make for a better day, but a better life. Appreciate how the lighting in the room makes everything glow, appreciate how the hot coffee goes down your throat and gives the slightest goosebumps to your arms, appreciate the sounds of kids laughing and walking to school, etc.

But most importantly, appreciate the steady thump of your heartbeat and the slightly faster heartbeat of your loved one next to you because life is evanescent. So drink your coffee, pick a great album, smile, and appreciate your life.


Hi I’m Emily! I grew up in a small town near Las Vegas, NV and moved to Reno, NV to find myself. I’m a happy girl that loves life and has a passion for health and photography. I live in a cute little apartment with my ❤ Andrew and my furbaby Tuley. I will be posting each Sunday and Wednesday, and will have a photography gadget giveaway on the first Sunday of each month. Visit the portfolio page and book me if you’re interested in a shoot! Subscribe if you wanna see more from my perspective.

21 thoughts on a 21st birthday

July 1st of 2017 i finally turned 21! Thinking back on my life, so many things have changed that i’m so grateful for.

1- Love often- Love love love and let yourself love. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

2- Appreciate everything- Life is so much more beautiful when you appreciate everything you have.

3- Listen- You can learn so much more if you just shut up and listen to everyone and everything around you. Don’t just hear.. listen.

4- Be yourself- I cannot express this enough. You are an amazing individual! Appreciate and love the person you are.

5- Care- Nowadays i think people like to act like they don’t care about anything to avoid getting hurt. Caring is a wonderful trait as it makes your heart so much fuller.

6- Be dependable- This is so important for all relationships. You want to keep your friends, family and all loved ones closer? Stay true to your word.

7- Try new things- The world we live in is so amazing! Trying new things is not only fun and exciting, but it opens your mind and lets you see things from a new perspective.

8- Work hard- You will never get anywhere without working hard. Things don’t go your way? Work harder. Things are never just handed to you.

9- Save- I’m still working on this one, but saving money gives you the opportunity to do so many things. You need money to travel and do fun things, but most importantly, you’ll need a cushion for unexpected happenings. Car repairs are not cheap, neither are medical bills. Having this extra money will definitely save your ass and your credit.

10- Don’t oversleep- This is so easy to do, but you can miss out on so much fun! Enjoy each day- you have plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.

11- Everything in moderation- Coffee is great, alcohol is great, marijuana is great, food is great, makeup is great, but too much of anything can cause some issues. Find a healthy balance.

12- Anxiety- Anxiety is a new thing to me, but boy is it awful. All of the sudden everyday tasks can be so difficult and draining. Talking to people, even close friends and family can be an hard and you yourself don’t even understand why. If you know someone that suffers from anxiety, be easy on them. They’re fighting more demons than  you think.

13- Relax- Everything will work itself out in the end. Don’t stress to hard on things you can’t change.

14- Amazon shopping- I LOVE AMAZON HOLY SHIT. I cannot tell you  how many bathing suits i’ve bought for $8 a set. Our living room, dining room, bedroom, everythingggg is basically from amazon at such low prices! If you need to do any shopping at all, check amazon first.

15- Clean- If you know me, you know my place isn’t the cleanest of apartments… but when it’s messy i do feel unsettled. A clean house is a happy house and a happy mind.

16- Outdoors- Moving to Reno was one of the best things i could have done, mostly because everyone here loves being outdoors so much! The beautiful Tahoe is right next door, and there is so much hiking and camping in the area and actual GREEN in NEVADA.

17- Be independent- It’s a part of growing up and is amazinggg. With more independence comes more responsibility, but being on your own is such a great feeling.

18- Health- Take care of yourself! If you don’t do it now, you’ll have to deal with worse things in the future. Eat right, exercise and you’ll have the energy to conquer anything

19- Be nice- Being anything else is a waste of time… Karma is a real thing and people will get what they deserve.

20- Be happy- Enjoy yourself and everyone and everything around you. Let yourself be happy and don’t dwell on the past.

21- Relationship- A little over a year ago, i found the person that totally completes me. We aren’t perfect, but i’ve never been so happy. I love you baby! Thanks for being one of the greatest blessings in my life. & happy birthday to you too 😉