For the love of Graffiti

My best friend Bre and I spent our Saturday exploring downtown. Reno has the cutest coffee shops, local bars and boutiques, and some of the coolest graffiti around. I wanted to take the time in this post to show you some of the raddest hidden gems we found in town. If you’re a local, try to guess where they are.







Although it was 105 degrees outside and we were both a little hung over, exploring the Biggest Little City was a great time. This is just another part of what makes Reno such an incredible place.


11 essentials to pack before a camping trip

Andrew, Tuley and I went camping up at Kirkwood lake this weekend. I can’t tell you how breathtaking this place was. We were going to head up to Frenchman lake, but because of a nearby fire, we were forced to turn the other way, and decided to drive through Carson pass. About 5 miles outside of Silverlake, I spotted a small sign with a camp symbol. I made Andrew turn around and after missing the turn a few times, we finally made it down the hill to the Kirkwood campsite. We met up with the super sweet camp hosts, and luckily, they had plenty of spots available! We got an amazing spot right across from the water, we couldn’t have found a better campsite. As we started to unpack the car, we found we forgot a ton of camping essentials :-).

1- A tent! I know that may be a little obvious, but we went unintentionally car camping this weekend. That was an adventure in itself (car camping blog coming soon), but a tent is 100x more comfortable.

2- Towels are super helpful, not only if you’re near water, but just general camping. Keep them in your tent, in your car, use as a blanket (if you forget #3).

3- Blankets/ pillows are absolutely essential when camping. The higher you are in elevation, the colder it gets. If you’re up in the mountains, even in the summer, you’ll definitely need blankets AND a sleeping bag at night. It’s also nice to pack a little more blankets to use as padding or a pillow as rocks are not fun to sleep on.

4- Marijuana/ Alcohol. Because who doesn’t love a little buzz while enjoying a camp fire? Having fun, letting loose and enjoying company is what camping is all about. You don’t necessarily need to partake in this fun, but you’re into it, I definitely wouldn’t forget it.

5- Sandals are great to have even if you’re just wandering around the campsite. You can totally rock socks and sandals in the brisk mornings, and you should! Sandals are easy to keep clean and necessary when you’re hanging out at the lake.

6- Believe it or not, it gets dark in the mountains! You will need lights to make sure the night goes right and more importantly to make sure you can make your way to the bathroom later on.

7- Please pick up after yourself and bring garbage bags. Keeping our earth clean, safe and beautiful is important. Trashing your campsite is just messed up.

8- Baby wipes are a necessity when camping, especially if you’re out for more than a few days. Whether you forget TP, or face wash, this can make or break your trip.

9- Try not to forget cups/silverware. Your meals might be a little difficult if you packed anything more than hotdogs.

10- When I think of camping food, the only things that really come to mind are hot dogs, and s’mores. It’s easy to forget breakfast when you’re out camping, but it’s still the most important meal of the day! Pack some eggs and chorizo, maybe even some potatoes and cook yourself a decent breakfast. If anything, you can bring some granola bars if you have to get an early move on.

11- As always, don’t forget to pack your coffee. This is crucial to getting your adventurous day started 😉

So if you’re planning on going camping this summer, I would double-check this post to make sure you’ve got everything. Of course forgetting things will make for an unforgettable trip, but it’s nice to be prepared for everything, especially when you’re enjoying life way up in the mountains.


5 ways to enjoy an outdoor adventure!

It’s a Saturday morning. You woke up pretty early for some reason, and you have absolutely no plans. You could do the usual and make a hearty breakfast, sit on twitter and watch Netflix all day… But why would you do that when you have something way more exciting right outside your door? I’m lucky to live in a town where some of the greatest adventures are basically in my backyard. Reno itself is beautiful, and next to Tahoe… I couldn’t have it better! But honestly, I’ve lived in so many beautiful places and its easy to take things for granted when you see them every day. Sleep can sound amazing, but do yourself a favor, and don’t live the same day twice.

1- Prepare for the day by eating a decent meal and drinking lots of water! Water is obviously an essential when exercising, but food is equally as important. You’ll need the energy to enjoy yourself and everything you’re doing. You could also start the day with a nice cup of Joe because honestly, who starts the day without coffee?

2- Get yourself out of your pajamas and go outside! Truckee and Tahoe are my favorite places to go on weekends because there is so much to do outdoors. Donner lake, Lake Tahoe and so many other surroundings make this my favorite weekend destination. But if you don’t live next to a lake, go for a random hike in the mountains, ride your bike around town, just do something to get yourself moving and breathing fresh air.

3- Friends are important to have while out on these adventures, not only for safety reasons, but it’s nice to live in the moment with people you love. Find some friends that are just as down for an adventure as you are and enjoy each others company.

4- Take as many cool pictures as possible! I looove being able to look at old pictures and relive the awesome adventures I’ve had. It’s a way to express yourself and the moments you were in.

5- Take a deep breath and appreciate where you are and what you’re doing. The absolute worst thing you could do while adventuring is worrying about what could happen, or trying to plan what comes next. Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself!